Listary’s FAQ

Does Listary 2 sync with Simplenote?

No, Listary 2 uses the Dropbox Datastores for syncing.

Why did Listary change to Dropbox for Syncing?

Because we believe we can offer a faster and more reliable syncing with the Dropbox Datastores.

Can I share my lists?

Yes, as long as you use Dropbox Syncing you can share your lists with other Listary users.

Can I edit my lists online?

No, at the moment you can’t edit your lists online.

What are Smart Lists?

Smart list are agregators of items. You can turn them on or off, and they will allow you to see all your items or all your starred items in one screen.

Does Listary support URL scheme based actions?

Yes, Listary supports URL scheme based actions which you can use to integrate with apps like Drafts or Launch Center.

In case you need, here is a list of the supported actions: