The simplest
list app for iOS

Listary is a simple and fast app for making lists.

It is perfect for groceries, to-dos, gift ideas, things to pack, capturing your best ideas, shared projects, and much more.

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Perfect for making lists of everything

Focus on items

Listary has an easy to use interface that allows you to stay focused on your things.

Organize in lists

Use the Inbox to collect your things, and rename it as you wish – Stuff, My things, Thoughts

And because one list isn't enought add all the lists you need to organize your life, reach them easily using smart lists, and share them with people that matter.

Simple and powerful gestures

All gestures in Listary are easy and intuitive.

All is easy and fast!

Try For Free

Listary is free with limits, you can unlock everything for just $3.99.

Test it yourself and decide if it is the right choice for you.